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About AAO

AAO Building Champions For Life - About Page

The AAO Story

AAO Foundation Beliefs Team Work

We believe that Sports should be one of the great training grounds where we develop our youth for life.  However, much of youth sports culture today is filled with over zealous parents, win at any cost coaches, and self promoting athletesthat create toxic competition environments.  AAO Founder Brad Friess started AAO with the belief that a person’s participation in sports should be one of the best experiences in their life.  A place to learn, develop and master ones sport.  A place to develop important life character traits like hard work, responsibility, teamwork, excellence and gratitude.  A place to make and build lasting friendships.

At AAO, we are passionate about sports and the vital role it can play in our communities.  We believe environments have a profound affect on people.  When young athletes work and play inside our phenomenal facilities, surrounded by skillful and positive coaching mentors who deliver exceptional programs that put the development of a player ahead of winning, then games are transformed and lives are changed.

At AAO, we believe this is the way youth sports are meant to be.  We believe every young person deserves the opportunity to have this kind of life enriching sports experience.  Every athlete should have this optimal work environment to pursue the sport they love and benefit from the opportunities it can provide for a better life. Because when they do...they will be prepared for the journey. They will be a Champion for Life!

AAO Core Values

AAO Foundational Beliefs





1. Sports is one of the greatest "training grounds" for life.

2.  Coaches are some of society's most powerful mentors.

3.  Athletes should utilize their platform to do good.

4.  Sports programs should emphasize character, teamwork and excellence above winning.

5.  Facilities need to provide a caring "sports community" that welcomes, inspires and encourages kids toward a life of excellence.

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